Pattern Drafting

Last night was my first night of Pattern Drafting class at Apperal Arts and I actually picked up a few tidbits.

When measuring keep the top edge of the tape facing the direction of greatest width.  The top edge of the tape is the top side when you can read the numbers right side up.  When measuring under bust you want the tape right side up.  When measuring the high hip and low hip you want the tape upside down so the top edge is against the greater width which toward the floor.

There is this roller thing I have always wondered about.  I have heard about it being used and used in pattern drafting and such but never really understood it.  When you place some transfer paper, kinda like carbon paper, folded so you have transfer stuff on the outside on top and bottom.  You place this between the your two layers of fabric and then trace out things like darts the marks will be transferred to the fabric giving you a better guide to sew.

When drawing out the waist to high hip to low hip you don’t need to make it a nice curve.  Leaving it as straight lines is preferred.  I am still skeptical about this one but will with it.

One of the more challenging things for me will be to determine who am I making things for.  Since I am a boy and I am making girl patterns, I want to be able to have them be used instead of just hanging around and collecting dust.  Dolly, my dress form at home does not match what is at the school and I would like to dress more than just Dolly.  I need to find one or more helpers to model for me.  mmm….



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