Bought Pattern Instuctions

Most of the time bought pattern instructions are guidelines.  And then there are times when a specific step(s) have an impact on the what the garment is supposed to look like.  The Folkware Victorian Shirt is one of those patterns where the placket in the the front is meant to be done a specific way or it just does not look right.  I thought I was following instructions when I make the muslin mockup for fit but it just did not seem right.  It kept bugging me, so when I had down time this morning I went and read and re-read and re-re-read the instructions.

A picture is worth a 1000 words right… well it is if the picture is clear as to what it is doing.  The words made sense but I was not seeing what they were talking about in their picture.  Did they actual mean what they said or what they drew…

Sometimes my eyes play tricks on me and I don’t see things the way the artist intended.   This is one of those cases.  I thought I saw the end of the folded over placket coming down where in fact the image was trying to show the pleat coming up from below and the placket was meant to be in the front of the shirt.

To be more clear.

Fold over and press the plackets.  Top stitch from about 1/2″ down from the corer up to the neck to close it.  A good way to know where to stop is, after ironing, tuck both plackets into the inside of the shirt.  Once done top stitching, bring button hole placket (left) out to the front.  Now, box pleat the open area on top or the button placket (right) so it is the same size as the placket.  Baste stitch down.  Put the button hole placket on top of the pleat so you have a sandwich (from inside to outside) right placket, then box pleat, then left placket.  Top stitch that sandwich down and put o the bar to make it look neat.

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