Welcome to Foundational Clothing! 

After a whole lot of exploration of my goals and passions, I’ve come to understand what I want to be when I grow up.

I believe that every person in entitled to feel comfortable in their own bodies.  Yet with todays quick buck and fast manufacturing techniques, we, as a society, have lost that part of garment construction where the customer actually matters.  Everybody has a unique body, especially when it comes to foundational garments.  But when you get dressed in the morning and you don’t even want to put on your “small clothes”, those thing that have become torture devices instead of support, your day starts out in a bad place.  

I am pro LGBTQ and believe that gender is fluid.  I am pro what works for the individual and how we see ourselves.  My goal is to support your passion and your goals. My passion is getting to see the glow on your face when we get it right, be that through finding something that fits your natural shape, inventing fun shapes that you can play with, or the moment when you finally see the you that you always dreamed of. The most important thing to me is helping you feel like you.

With this understanding of my own passions I am going to be doing a little re-branding and refocusing this site to better reflect work I have done, am doing, and things in the works.

Cheers my dears.